We're Creative.

We’re a creative company located in Cairo, Egypt.

Our Mission

To get EGOVAC In close collaboration with our client to develop innovative software solutions for industrial plants and utilities. Add value to our client to be a leading global software solution company.

Our Vision

To improve the global environment through engineering knowledge, providing the highest quality of software development process and became a highly respected technology company.

Our Strength

Customer Service

Expert technical support from EGOVAC’s own developers and configuration management consultants, Comprehensive service contracts, Interactive web site, User Group conference, newsletters, networking, On-line help, user manuals, On and off-site training, and Consultancy services.

Technical Support

EGOVAC has both the expertise and commitment to providing an unrivaled level of technical support. Our specialists endeavor to respond to all inquiries and issues. Their response is in-depth and tailored to the specific working environment of their customers – this can only be achieved from true experts.


EGOVAC runs on and off-site training courses in all aspects of change and configuration management. They cater for everyone involved in the process of change management, from absolute beginners through to very experienced developers.

Global Reach

At Egovac we innovate to develop effective digital strategies. We offer a multicultural set of architectural technologies through methods tested in large critical projects. We have done projects in the USA, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Kenya.

Our Values

Always putting the client’s interest ahead of our own.

We are professionals.

Keep our client's information confidential.

We deliver the best at reasonable prices.

Hatem Sabsouba Founder & CEO

Hatem Sabsouba

Mostafa Mosallam Project Manager

Mostafa Mosallam

Mohamed Khodeer senior developer

Mohamed Khodeer


Mahmoud Zeid